There's no question that during the menopause things can feel grim. Hot flushes, children leaving home, desperate feeling that it's "too late" to do anything you wanted to, but once over that, most women find that life post-menopause is one of nature's best-kept secrets. 


According to a survey commissioned for Health Plus magazine,

  • 72 percent of women think they are "just as attractive as before",
  • 82 percent feel "as feminine as before",
  • eight out of 10 say they now have an overwhelming "sense of freedom" and
  • six out of 10 women say they feel "better than ever before".  

They also feel an average of 10 years younger than their real age.

9 Hormones that are keeping you from losing weight

When our hormones are in a harmony, maintaining a healthy weight is effortless. There are 9 crucial hormones that make or break the ability to lose the excess weight. They control the metabolism, cravings for food and the rate at which the body burns the fat. If you are not able to shred those extra pounds, it much probably is not your fault. 

Power of Hormones: Get your life back

The Power of Hormones is a program created to empower women suffering of hormonal imbalance. It is a step-by-step guide that provides you with everything you need to remedy the source of symptoms such as feeling tired, weight gain, skin problems or intimacy issues. By a holistic approach, you will be guided to easily identify the underlying cause of any issue and achieve the results you deserve. 

Video: What is the trick of losing 5 pounds a week?

Lots of women are hoping to lose the extra weight - with varying degree of success. The truth is, that the weight loss journey is more like a bumpy ride than a smooth sailing.The good news, on the other hand, is that with the right approach you can shortcut the frustrating parts and arrive in your goal destination much earlier and happier than the average woman. And the best part is - your friends won't believe their eyes when they see you after a few short weeks!

QUIZ: Do I have hormonal imbalance?

A hormone imbalance can wreak havoc with everything from sleep to sex. Take this quick quiz to see if you are affected and what to do next...